Tips For Real Estate Investors


Median price of a single family home is about $120,000.00.

Average Mortgage Rate: 30 year-4.76% 15 year-3.97%

With a purchase price of $200,000 and $7,000 down, your mortgage payment would only be $1,008.00 / month P&I.

Tips for Real Estate Investors

  • Be aware of current real estate market conditions.  The market is constantly changing.  These changes will give you clues on where to find your next great deal! Will it be a short sale, forclosure, trustee sale, auction..Call me any time at 702-428-3969 for an update on Real Estate Market Trends.
  • Hire competent and professional help. Find a Realtor who is well versed in investing and has an open mind when it comes to negotiation and financing. This will likely save you time and money.
  • Always get and inspection on ANY property you buy. Especially if the property looks like a deal. The underlying problems may go much, much deeper than the outside presents.
  • It is a good strategy to pick one area of town, and specialize in one type of property, such as single family homes, or duplexes. Once you know the market for that area and the ins and outs of that type of property, it makes it much easier to expand your business into other markets.
  • Do not try to do this all yourself. Whenever and wherever possible hire professionals to do the work, such as electricians, plumbers, etc. It is worth the headaches, money and possible lawsuits.
  • If you do not already have a business partner, consider getting a group together. By grouping together, your purchasing power and income levels could become much greater. Study, read, join investment clubs to further your education.



For more advice or to have your questions answered, please give me a call at 702.428.3969 or email me at Nathan Petrosian is a Las Vegas Based Real Estate Agent, with over 15 years of experience in Real Estate Sales and Mortgage Lending.



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