Home Buyer Traffic Increases in September:

Residential Real Estate Purchase activity has picked up in September.  Buyers who sat on the sidelines this summer expecting prices to fall even further have come back in the market.  The record low interest rates and low prices has motivated buyers to start buying again before rates go back up.  I have seen many cases where a buyer’s mortgage payment ends up being less than what they were paying rent (not even counting their tax incentive).
Investors from all over the world are pouring in to vegas to buy homes and rent them out.  The majority of them are paying cash, however even with a loan with 20 percent down you can put a couple hundred dollars in your pocket each month and watch your tenant pay off your mortgage.  Investors have realized that they are getting a higher return on their money on Vegas Rental Homes than they are in other parts of the Country.  Also, a great alternative to investing in the gloomy stock market.

If you are thinking about buying a home in Las Vegas Call Las Vegas Realtor Nathan Petrosian at 702-419-9231 for assistance.

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