The Pros and Cons of Guard Gated Communities

There are several Pros and Cons to buying a home in a Guard Gated Community. A guard gated community has many benefits, but may not be for everyone. There are nice homes in Las Vegas located in safe neighborhoods, but many are located on the outskirts of the city. However, there are some hidden communities that are the exception. Some benefits of the communities with no guard gated entrance may be that it’s just easier and faster to get to your house. Having visitors can be a bit troublesome. Holiday season can bring long lines to get into your own community. In addition, your HOA fee is going to be higher if you are buying a home in a gated community.

Many people feel that their comfort and safety is well worth the extra money for a guard gated community. The larger communities share this cost with many residents so that the extra cost is minimal. Perhaps, paying for a guard gated community is even cheaper when considering the alternative of adding and alarm, bars to your windows, buying a vicious guard dog, or moving to a safer part of the city.

A guard gated community does give you that added safety and privacy. Many people buying a house in Las Vegas want to live in the middle of the city where they can be close to work, dining, and entertainment. A guard gated community will give you close access to these places and still provide a safe place to live in Las Vegas or Henderson.

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