Benefits to chosing a Henderson Real Estate Agent

In today´s real estate market, there is simply no substitute for a good REALTOR®. Whether you’re aiming to buy or sell property, a REALTOR® can spell the difference between a smooth transaction and an unsuccessful one. As a Real Estate agent in Henderson / Las Vegas area, Nathan Petrosian assists Real Estate Buyers and Sellers from around the world. Nathan started his Career in Real Estate in 2004 following his passion of Real Estate Investing in Henderson / Las Vegas and helping others succeed in buying and selling Real Estate. Nathan’s passion and knowledge in unique Luxury Homes and High Rise Condos will prove to be a great asset to you when you are Buying or Selling a home in Henderson / Las Vegas.

Nathan has extensive experience helping people with short sales, Foreclosures, and traditional equity home for sale in Henderson / Las Vegas and California. His patience and dedication to helping homeowners and homebuyers throughout the ups and downs of real estate has helped thousands of people. When Nathan´s clients need help with anything, Nathan answers his phone and is happy to assist.

Why Choose Nathan Petrosian as your REALTOR®:

How do you help buyers to find the right properties for them?

To assist buyers in finding the right home for them I invite them in to my office where they can view homes on our BIG Screen and adjust their saved criteria as needed. This way they can use our tools to see what homes are actually available and in what areas. They can then adjust their home buying criteria as needed. Home buyers also, get up to date status on the homes they like.

How do you make sure buyers get the best price for the property they are interested in?

I make sure my home buyers get the best price for their property by doing extensive research and by having up to date knowledge on the market. This knowledge allows me to strategically place an offer that will get a positive response from the listing agent and seller, without overpaying for the property. My Communication and strong negotiation skills used with the listing agent also get my buyers the best price for the property.

What do you do to help market the properties your clients are selling?

To help market the properties my clients are selling, I make sure I give the property maximum exposure to qualified buyers online and to buyers in my extensive data base. This marketing is strategically done with the right timing in mind. Resulting in maximum exposure to the largest pool of qualified buyers we can reach out to.

How do you ensure your sellers get the highest price?

I endure home sellers get the highest price for their home by launching a massive advertising assault on the internet. I also send just listed post cards to the surrounding areas. I don’t just list it on MLS and let it sit like many agents do. Also, I recommend small repairs or upgrades that seller can make to get more money out of the sale. Sometimes these fixes can be as simple as moving furniture around or removing furniture.

What do you recommend sellers do to make sure their selling process is smooth?

To make sure the sale process goes smooth, I recommend several things: 1. I recommend a seller obtains a seller home warranty policy. 2. Gives a list to their Realtor of any known repairs that are needed in the property. 3. Make sure your Realtor takes pro-active steps to ensure buyer in approved for the loan by a lender with a good track record.

Nathan Petrosian is a dedicated and knowledgeable Realtor who can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on your Real Estate transaction. Nathan’s combination of unique market-knowledge and excellent negotiating skills will enable you to get the best price for any Real Estate you plan to sell or buy in Henderson / Las Vegas.

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