Moving to Las Vegas?

So you’ve decided to make the Move to Las Vegas! There are some factors when choosing where & why you want to live in this exciting city:

1. Lifestyle:

Do you want to live close to the nightlife? Or do you want the tranquillity of living on the Mountain’s Edge.

2. Cost:

What is your house payment budget per month?

3. Renting vs. Buying a Home:

It’s a good idea to consult with a Local Loan Officer to compare your mortgage payment verses rental payment. Also, consider your tax benefits in Purchasing a Home. Mortgage Rates and Home Prices are at record lows in Las Vegas, but they are also on the rise. You may want to put your housing payments into your home equity instead of giving it to your landlord.

4. Traffic:

Avoid high traffic zones that will cost you time, money, and stress while you are commuting.

For Free Assistance in Purchasing a Home or Renting a Home / Condo in Las Vegas call us Today: 702-530-9114.

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