Las Vegas Trustee Sale Auction

Investing In Las Vegas Real Estate?

An Experienced Las Vegas Trustee Sale Expert Will Help You Find The Diamond Investments!

The place that the act of foreclosure takes place is the Trustee Sale Auction. Nevada State Law requires lenders who are foreclosing on homes, condos or commercial properties in Las Vegas, Henderson or North Las Vegas to run them at a foreclosure auction that is called the Trustee Sale Auction.

About 20% of homes, condominiums or commercial properties sold through the Las Vegas Trustee Sale Auction are purchased by a third party at up to 30% below retail prices.

Buyers investing in a home or condo in Las Vegas should look forward to an 8%-10% net profit per real estate deal which, if done correctly 3-4 times per year, can provide for a 30%-40% profit per year.

With an experienced Las Vegas Real Estate Agent you can cash in on these amazing investment opportunities!

Take Caution: Not everyone is equipped to purchase at the Las Vegas Trustee Sale Auction. It is a whole different ball game and a beast of its own.

The Trustee Sale Auction offers the best deals!

There are many precautionary measures that need to be taken when buying.

Liens for back taxes, Back HOA fees, and service fees like trash collection fees might come with the property. Industry leading research is conducted when purchasing at the Trustee Sale Auction.

Your property will be picked before buying with knowledge & research of how much we can sell it later.

Let Nathan Petrosian do the required research and find the best investment property for you today!

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