Selling A Home

Why Choose Nathan Petrosian to List Your Property For Sale?
When using my services to sell your home, you get personalized service from a Las Vegas Realtor who knows how to market your property and attract qualified home buyers. You will receive a custom marketing plan utilizing a combination of Internet marketing, TV, print media, and direct mail. Your property will be exposed to our huge database of Realtors and pre-approved home buyers. Our custom marketing plan will ensure we sell your property quickly and at a price that will maximize your Net Proceeds.

My Background Summary and Qualifications:
You will have a Realtor with over 15 years of experience working to sell your home. Keeping up with market trends, technology, and marketing strategies is a priority to me. You will have the benefits of my membership and certification as a Resort Second Home Property Specialist (RSPS). This membership will enable us to Expose Your Property to Buyers from all around the world. When you choose me as your Listing Agent, I Promise you I WILL DELIVER YOU RESULTS!

Strategies for Selling Your House:
As your Property Listing Agent, I will create an Active Marketing Plan to move your property quickly and get you the most money in your pocket. Every property for sale is different. I will create a unique marketing plan for your home. Below are just a few strategies used to sell your home:
A. Internet Marketing: Your Property will be advertised on over 100 web sites to maximize exposure.
B. Media: Professional Video & Photos will highlight your property’s Features. We use TV, Print ads, Color Postcards, e-Flyers, and more!
C. Database Marketing: Your Property will be exposed to over 20,000 Targeted Home Buyers.
D. A Marketing Package of Your Home for sale will be e-mailed to my database of pre-qualified home buyers in Las Vegas, International Real Estate Networks, Real Estate Investment Clubs, and Realtors in Las Vegas, Henderson, and more.
E. Open House and other promotions may be done to attract more home buyers.

Preparing Your Home for Sale:
When selling your home there many things you can do to get more money out of selling your home. Small investments in the kitchen, master bathroom, and landscape can get you 2- 3 times the money you put in to it. Small adjustments in furniture lay out can make your home much more marketable. Adding lighting fixtures can brighten up a room enough to give a warm and enviting feel to potential home buyers. Please see my blog for additional tips for getting more money out of your home sale. Or call me for a personal walk through of the property and recommendations to maximize the net proceeds from the sale of your home.